Digging Machine and Tunnel Widener


Combining two suggestions into one post, since there’s a lot of overlap in the discrpition.

Problem: Exploring in rock or sand and widening tunnels for faster travel is aggravating my repetitive strain injury, especially when I go long distances.

Digging Machine, goes in a straight line

Operation: Select, then manually dig once (or use a menu with arrows). The BH rides the machine while it continues digging in that direction until one of the following:

  1. Out of light.

  2. Approaching a change. Rock includes marble, limestone, sandstone, lapis and red marble, since it’s rarely a problem if you dig through them. Stop at least one block before the change, so you don’t risk flooding an area, or confusing maze explorers by opening a new passage, or opening an route for a mob.

  3. About to dig an ore, chest, or anything else. (Might want to use a gem pickaxe or golden shovel or pick.)

  4. It has gone 99 (100? 64?) blocks

Appearance: Small cart with drill in front. Classic cartoon villain machine.

Cost: 2 steel pickaxes for digging, 2 iron for the gears and controls, 1 wood for the platform. It wears out at the speed of one steel pickaxe. Made at level 1 metalwork, or maybe level 1 woodwork.


Tunnel Widener, make tunnels taller (Tall-in-ator? Ceiling raiser?)

Cost: Same as Tunneler

Appearance: Small cart with drill on top. Or maybe drill on the bottom.

Operation: Stand on flat surface. Select, then click on the top left or top right block (or use a menu with arrows). BH rides the machine while it makes the tunnel to the left (or right) higher, until the floor level changes, it runs out of light, or it almost touches a different type of block (as for the tunneler). It keeps going through sections that are already high.


Sounds like a good idea. Maybe instead of two steel pickaxes some steel ingots and maybe a block or two of steel, then a diamond or two. That is more realistic. (Based off of diamond tipped drills irl) I like the ideas of how it would stop but maybe some configs in if you want it to mine ore or not. Maybe it could come in some rail update with a track layer or something. Also make it so you can hook up storage carts. Sorry if I am rambling I have been wanting a tunnel bore for forever now.


You should make a picture of the digging machine!


Diamond tip is more realistic, but would make it impossible to get when we need it most – new worlds.

Maybe a faster model could use diamond or titanium. Even once I have all the technology, I like to explore underground.

I can’t draw.


Oh… :frowning:


Yeah, maybe the diamond tipped one could be one that has the option to move be ores, diamonds are pretty hard to find. And of course it would be faster. Would there be a durability or a fuel you need for it?


I can make a picture, if you want just pm me the basics of how it should look


Yes, wears out as fast as a steel pickaxe. I’m not sure about fuel, since one of the reasons I dig in the early game is to find fuel (before I get the sluice or coal blockheads).

(Takes a moment to read up on trains in the wiki.)

Perhaps uses the same amount of fuel as a train if just moving, twice for digging (anything a shovel digs), and three times for picking (what a pickaxe picks). Starting point for a discussion, not close to a recommendation.


Thanks to @DeadlyPotato for an image:


The BH can ride it even in short tunnels.