Digital Economy - Cloud Server in Progress


Digital Economy is an economy server made by me (I was technically the one who made the world) and @JarlPenguin. You can try and become the richest businessman on the server or you can just run a small business to only maintain your property. We are hiring mods and admins, but you gotta know the rules!

Server rules:

  1. No griefing.
  2. No spamming.
  3. No stealing.
  4. Respect is key.
  5. No asking for admin/mod.
  6. No inappropriate profile pictures or usernames.
  7. No swearing.
  8. Staff get the final word.

If you’d like to help out with the server, apply for mod or admin!

Or you can apply to be unbanned!

There’s more to come!


Will it be custom or vanilla? If vanilla, I’ll play probably.




Interesting… is this gonna be a Blokonomy type of deal or just a standard vanilla world that would be heavily influenced by trade?


I’m always interesting from all multiplayer theme Economics! I hope I visit this server soon. Also no time to fill the application form. Sorry :frowning:


applied for staff


I added a ban appeal form to the OP.


Not sure if I would fit the requirements for mod or admin. All random and I don’t even know how to fill the info :confused:


I’ve broken up the staff form into several sections, if that helps. It’s OK if you don’t want to apply. :slight_smile:


How so…??

Like can we get a description of what it takes from each?
Will it have the trading system of Sugarflop but somethings added in from Blokonomy
Or just similar to them both


You’ll see.


I’m already excited for it, but I was curious XD


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THIS WAS AMAZING, RIP ATMOS :crying_cat_face:

lol, im just ignoring the argument :stuck_out_tongue:


ill need to check out the server when i get a chance too


So, since I don’t have a way to play blockheads anymore, i’ll lurk
but how is the economy going to work?
how are you going to stop people from abusing portal chests?


If you wish you may admin me without me even applying since I do know wumbo and you just a bit.


I’m afraid you can’t really complain about someone making their own version of a world they’ve lost access to. I’m sure lots of people banned from one WFS or economy world have ended up making their own. Nobody really owns the economy server concept. Saying your world is inspired by a work is not an admission of plagiarism. If some directly rips your content, such as a Welcome Message or something, then PM them to discuss it. If you can’t resolve it come to me. Don’t trash a world thread. I’m splitting the off-topic accusations into a trash thread. Please don’t mess up this or any other world thread like this again, please.


OKay sorry for talking about dancer95 :laughing:


If we find anyone with a portal chest, we’ll ban them on site.