Digital Economy - Cloud Server in Progress


That’s not, in my opinion, a smart way to play it
Because, and this is all theoretical, if I’m a player I can wait until an admin leaves the server, then use it in a desolate location, and pass my sudden spur of growth as simply me being a tryhard

But if you think that that will work out, the more power to you, I’d personally just make it custom to avoid this, but you probably have reasons to not have made it custom.


That is true, you could just do custom with a normal rule set. It would let you disable Trade Portals as well if that is a problem.


I’ve applied. Not sure how good it is though. It seems a little bare to me. :woman_shrugging:


We are considering making it custom when the server releases.


and we are considering changing the name for the server to match the theme we are thinking of.


I made wumbo a logo for the server, I really have no way I can make another one without adding charge for the making of a new logo.

Which would go for 1300 platinum since I really haven’t been paid yet, I will not make the new logo unless he pays me first.


If you PM me then it is a deal. (because for some reason I still cannot PM you.)


Can you PM me if my application was declined and when the server is expected to come out? I’d be happy for that to happen. Please and thank you!


We’re currently waiting on @WumboJumbo.


Okay that’s nice to know!


Is @JarlPenguin able to pay?


I think it would be better to pay your half and if jarl requests it he pays his half.


So I may have made some wrong information in the staff application. My forums username is “Dog_Lover” but I put “Dog Lover” I forgot the underscore. I also believe I forgot about putting my discord, which I will PM you and then I’ll PM @WumboJumbo. Finally, my IGN is i_lovedogs, not Dogs the Wannabe.


Thanks a lot for telling us before hand :smiley: !


Your welcome!


I applied, I hope I can help and join to the server soon.


When will the server open? I am very interested in joining.


It’ll open once we’ve established everything.


The credit has run out.


Submitted a request to become staff. I tried my best to make it good