Digital Economy - Cloud Server in Progress


We’re working on getting more credit for the server.


Ok. Sounds great.


Where is the join link?


The server isn’t finished.


Could you send me a link via PM so you can give me the platinum coins for the logo I designed you? Please :slight_smile:


I look forward to playing!


Do you mind enabling PMs?


it has been for the past month or few


You can’t really be a part of our staff if we can’t privately communicate with you.


It is enabled, you may have not gotten what I said :confused:


We both checked, PMs for your account hasn’t been enabled. We can’t PM you, nor invite you. That is what @WumboJumbo meant :slight_smile: .


Turns out I had it disabled, I thought it was enabled :confused:


Can you please estimate how long it is going to take to release the server to the public? Really looking forward to it.


I cannot give an estimate until someone funds the world.


Sadly, I am broke. And I can’t fund any other worlds except mine.


I have applied for staff, hopefully I’m not too late?


Definitely not :slight_smile:


For those of you waiting - our new theme is cities and an country! Each city will have its own mall, factories, farms, houses, mine, and much more! There will be two main cities: one at spawn and one at anti-spawn. Stay tuned for more news!


Hmm… An empire would imply an imperialistic nature (expanding its sphere of influence via conquest of foreign lands) which means PvP, but I don’t see how any type of economy would play into that so I’m confused now.