Digital Economy - Cloud Server in Progress


Sounds fun!


Talked about this in discord, but should we have the spawn and anti spawn be urban cities, the poles as suburbs (if a moderator/administrator wants to run it), and anyone can start their own suburb if they wish?


Yes, and suburbs can become cities.


They must buy some land to build on and have an owners consent. Maybe even a contract too!


Love it.


Nice idea


Thank ya!


Any new information about the server?


Think by now the project may have been abandoned. I was in the chat, but left it quite a while ago.

I will need to hear about this by jarl, since wumbo cannot talk about it until February. I will not discuss what happened.


It has not been abandoned but progress has been rather slow.

Jarl will have to provide any further information as I haven’t been paying much attention to the discord chat because I’ve been busy.


For your information, we are planning on starting up the server’s progress again soon. We just all need a time we can be on.


Is the discord for server admins only? I pm’d my discord tag to wumbo


I believe that it is so far…


Well technically staff only. Also I believe Wumbo is still banned from the forums till February so PM Jarl Instead


Wait what about Ziameter why are they in it?


We’re still working on it. I really have no other news than that.


I’ve been unbanned. Work will continue on the server!


Or will it?