Dim lighting

Simply put, how far away does each respective light source need to be from its neighbours to create a dim atmosphere that can still be seen?

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Depends on how good are your eyes and the brightness of your phone. Needless to say that mining can get a lot dimmer while playing in a bright environment like outside in the day time.

The best way for me is a thing I might call lantern ruler of light.

Basically I place the lantern (must be the reason the area lights up, not the day light), the blockhead then walks, climbs or mines until you can just dimly still see them and you place another lantern. You repeat the process one more time then remove the previous lantern.

Now the two remaining lanterns would be practically ‘touching by the finger tips’ with their lights as a kind of ruler, ‘arms’ extended.

You can repeat this trick to try and extend the distance for as long as you can see but if you extend it too much then you can get an ugly dark patch between them. Just place a lantern 2 - 4 blocks closer and then remove the farther lantern.

If you can be bothered counting blocks. I think it was 18 - 20 block gap between lanterns. You get a fairly good lighting.


I’m more looking for diamonds in a circular curve. I think it’s between 3-4 blocks, but I’m finding it incredibly difficult to consistently emulate.

Nevertheless, I’ll make sure to keep note of this advice, thanks!

Torches more than 12 blocks apart are the dimmest without totally black patches, from memory. Your other light sources need to be further and further apart depending on how many lumens they put out.