Dimensional Portal

Blockheads is heavily based on the concept of time crystals and portals. Wouldnt it be nice to create some sort of endgame item where in youll be able to go through differnent worlds.

Dimensional Portal
-1 Diamond Portal
-6 Titanium Blocks
-200 Time Crystals

*DP= Dimensional Portal

Now, how this will work is that a DP has the ability to send you to new different worlds. In order to transfer items, youll need to start from scratch until you get yourself a portal chest.

These worlds will be different from the vanilla world. New items, flowers, mobs, trees, etc. can be found in this world. No two worlds will be alike, as everything will be randomized. It will act like a completely new world, but extremely different.

One DP, one dimension. If you want more, youll have to craft.
The colour of the portal will depend on the “theme” of the dimension it creates.

Heres an example of a Dimension one can find.

Flower Dimension
-Theme: Flowers (Portal colour: Pink)
-All plants will bear flowers instead of fruit (excluding flax), which will force you to resort to other means to find food
-New items: (Plant) Flower (Apple Flower, Carrot Flower), Giant Flowers (Kind of like tulips, but can also be bred and has much more complexity and variety), Carnivorous flowers, etc etc (way too much minor info, but still enough to make a game changing experience)
-Terrain: Little to no rocky mountains, no oceans, moderate amount of lakes, nearly the entire surface is covered with dirt.

And much more, but really minor details like changing graphics of some common blocks, etc.
More themes can include Mob based, Terrain Based, Environment based, etc.

None of the items youll find in any of these dimensions can be bought at the trade portal. You also cannot craft, find, nor use a trade portal when in these worlds, though a portal chest can be used.

Lastly, these dimensions are only for one player. Once its used, it cannot be used or taken by any other player. If its not used, it will just sit there looking like an empty portal.

These new dimensions will each have their own challenges, from food shortage, ore shortage, lack or difficult terrain, and all sorts of environmental problems.

You might ask, why not make a new world, and give players the option to choose? Well, imo, this idea is to entertain endgame players who arent really into building. I simply dont think this idea would have much excitement when one can just make one from world gen, but rather that it must be worked upon in an already existing world in order for the player to fully appreciate them.

Thats all. Any comments, opinions, criticism, etc. are welcome. Thanks


You’re talking about adding a new dimension like Minecraft? (The nether,end,etc)
If that’s the case…
I’m sure it’ll make the game more exiting for some. :slight_smile:

More items will need to be added,
And items that are very special will need to be added,too.

Well yes, but hopfully not too alien to the theme of blockheads. Think of it as a Rick and Morty style of dimensions, where in each dimension you go through has its own evolutionary and evnrionmental path.
You can even go one step further and add things like gravity changes, double suns, etc.

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Yes but here is the problem. What if someone fills every block in their world with such portals? I mean, there has to be a limit. Even after that, you’d start running out of ideas for themes.
Imagination may be limitless, but that’s only for 1 person. Imagination can’t be limitless for 500 million people can it?
Also what you’re basically saying is a biome that’s accessible only through a portal. Which doesn’t make sense, because you can’t keep adding new stuff to the game. It would make more sense to make separate normal biomes.

Well not exactly limitless, but certainly enough for every player to enjoy these worlds. Once a dimension is found, it cannot be found again. (Perhaps it can be renewed by resetting a portal, but thats a discussion for a later date) [quote=“Pokehgs, post:4, topic:52073”]
Also what you’re basically saying is a biome that’s accessible only through a portal. Which doesn’t make sense, because you can’t keep adding new stuff to the game. It would make more sense to make separate normal biomes.

Ehh no. My idea encompasses an entire world gen. Ive already explained above why i want this to be in a single portal form rather than being spawnable, may it the entire dimension in a single world, or a biome in a vanilla world, it applies here.

Id like to note that the vanilla world will always be different from whatever items you can find in the dimensions. I dont have time right now to explain, so ill edit it when i do have time.

Do you even know how many players there are in blockheads?
Suppose everyone made just 1 portal like this, that would still be at least 1 million entirely unique world’s that have to be generated. And then we would have people who make 100 portals like these. Limitless enough I guess.

You misunderstand. What i meant is that there are a finite specific number of world variations, but each has its own difference.
For example, there are 30 total themes.
Each theme has a slight variation that makes it different from each other.
Like, for example, a player gets a flower dimension, but there are way more carnivorous flowers but another player gets the same dimension but receives an overall normal distribution

Umm ok nevermind lol.

This seems like a really cool concept to me. It’d be pointless for me, as I have never actually fully completed an SP world, I always become too afraid of Cave Trols to continue, I never find enough resources, or I don’t want to deal with the crafting times. That may also be because I haven’t Seriously used Single Player since grade (6?, maybe?) and when I was that age, I was even more of a noob than I am now. All in all though, I do think it would be cool.

Before I finish this, I have one final question, and it is this:
When you do get the dimensional portal, would it be possible to upgrade that as well? My reasoning is that by upgrading it you could possibly:

  1. Access more dimensions without having to build an insane amount of portals
    Or 2. Have a roulette of dimensions, meaning it either shoots you into one randomly or you choose from a variety of ones that have already appeared on your list
    Or 3. Perhaps access different Realities of those dimensions, for example, you would enter the plant one, upgrade it, allowing the access to another version of it, one where, say, the sky is pink.

You could follow a similar chain of thought, where you wouldn’t build a new portal but simply upgrade a Level 6 one into it, allowing something like the Dimensions option to be like crafting options.

Well i thought of it.
My personal opinion is that it doesnt really look nice, that its better to craft multiple portals.
But you know, its just my opinion.
I stil think that individual portals for one dimension is the way to go, but i also wouldnt mind your idea.

If all can be accessed through one portal, then id choose a roulette, though there should be a “cost” as you collect more realites that you can go through.
A mix of 2 and 3, where in the reality you go is random, and to access more realities, youll need to upgrade the portal.

I do feel like it would be cool to get something like that. Just really cool, especially with those possibilities. Of course, it might depend, does it cost a fixed amount of tc per jump, or do you only pay once per world? Or do you not pay tc at all, but instead make or find some kind of “dimensional artifact” that you would sacrifice to open the portal to make a jump?

Still an awesome idea. I feel like it might belong in a Minecraft mod though, as I sort of doubt a mobile game could handle 30+ Possible sub-worlds per world per player. Then again, something like Minecraft might not be able to support it either! The sheer awesomeness would cause the data storage to implode.

I really like this idea.
Okay so here’s my piece to add (which would IMO improve/expand upon the suggestion).

  • each new dimension should only be a 1/16 world
  • you make a new portal, and then when tapping the portal the options are “teleport” and “remove” - teleport brings that blockhead to the new dimension, with everything they have. The portal they start out at is basically a level 1 portal but with the “teleport” option as well to return home.
  • other dimensions should also have a possibility to have up to two Custom Rules world options changed: for instance, in your vanilla world, you could enter a dimension with “more sky islands” or “ocean world” or “very dry”, “very cold” etc (the world generation options, not in-game options)
  • only one blockhead can be in a dimension at a time. The rest of the blockheads appear to be in regeneration mode in servers, though they are not dead (this is to prevent them from being killed, starving, etc)
  • each of these portals should be black and starry, but you can change the base color to any customizable color using the 3 pigments to sort them. You can also name them.
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The 1/16 would probably help with the whole data storage thing, but I still think instead of having to make multiple portals you just upgrade the spawn one to level 7, and if you go to another dimension, the portal will still be level 7. The stasis thing seems like a good idea, but I feel like should just remove all of your blockheads from that world until you return, preventing them from being damaged or anything while you’re gone.

I do have a question that I am surprised I did not realize before. When jumping between dimensions, do you have to constantly return to the original world before going to another one, or can you just screw around however you please, world-hopping without a care?

I’m going to put in a revision for the “remove blockheads” thing. Maybe It should be made so you cannot use the level 7 portal if any blockhead except for the one you are currently using is active, which will allow all of them to be meditating before vanishing from existence.

I like the black and starry idea, but not so much the painting them. I think naming the dimensions would work, allowing you to familiarize with them so you won’t be startled every time a new one opens.

Another thing, what about Localised Trade Portals? If you’re in a certain dimension, the trade portal will sell certain things. Also, do things like the poles change as well?

A really cool dimension would probably be one that’s almost strictly sky islands. That would be beautiful.

randomly generated worlds could help. that could make some wacky stuff tho

I don’t think we have to worry about that. As far as I’m aware nobody has even completely cleared a world of blocks to place their own, let alone replaced every space in the game with a block.

In regards to the rest of your post, not every theme would be unique, but every world could still be (practically) unique if they use random generation seeds much like regular worlds currently do.

Well yeah that’s the only way every world could be slightly unique.
But then again it’s like entering a world from another world, and I don’t see as to how that is better than just creating a new world.

Having said that, I could be wrong again so

It is similar, but you keep items and the blockhead, can still use portal chests, and these worlds would have different features (if my thought about CR worlds is implemented, then, you could have a world with more ores that is still vanilla so you could use the PC to save those ores in your storage).

How can i make the portal? What all do i need craft bench wise?

You need a level 2 workbench, along with one block of stone and 120 time crystals.

Interesting idea, I think the devs should really look into this! :cheerful: