LOL! I love that story at the beginning.

You DID say skip xD. I believe it had to be lower case letters.


I think all the kinks are still being ironed out of discobot, so you’ll have to just put up with it for now. :joy:
It’s still a relatively new addition.


You don’t use `` for the command even if it says you do


@discobot start new user


Please don’t do bumping


It wasn’t a bump
In needs to be ONE MONTH OR MORE


Nothing was added to the discussion, however.


Do we have a dedicated DBot thread? Or is this it?


I don’t think there is an official Discobot thread. However, Discobot? is the first discussion thread for it.


Thanks! Merged.

A bump is posting for no purpose after a month or more. This instance was for the purpose of engaging the bot, and within 23 days of the last post.


KK. :slight_smile: I thought it’d better fit in this thread, because this thread was more recent, and lots of people are summoning Discobot here!


What do you think about discobot?

  • He is weird
  • He is awesome
  • He is creepy
  • I like him
  • He is cool
  • He is a psychopath
  • I don’t care

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@discobot start new user


Discobot is dead.

Milla confirms it here.


Why did it die? :what:


Milla killed him… :cry:


Yes, I had a wee…moment. I was fine after I had a cup of tea and a lie-down :slight_smile:


You ran him over though!

What did he do to you?


He was a pest. Dave and I both planned his…departure, and I then tapped into my berserker side and here we are, all sparkles, rainbows, and floof!


@discobot SPEAK TO ME!