(Discontinued) The BlockHeads Noob Guide


Think I figured out why I was losing footage, my iCloud storage was full :confused:

Anyway a new video should be up soon and somehow I got mixed with the numbering so I will need to change that. But I will be deleting one video so I can number it properly. Edit: actually, maybe I was looking at things wrong.

Each episode may become an hour or a few hours long for because I want to play that long.

Now that I figured it out I should delete every video in photos that I get because it can consume storage.

Edit: I will put this here for when it is ready :slight_smile:


Episode 9 is now out.


Episode 10 is out.


Episode 11 is out


Nice thumbnail. :wink:


After I upload the next 2 episodes which are mining related I will be taking in user requests from here to stop overwhelming you with mining trips.

What should I do for the next episode?

It’s up to you :slight_smile: but one thing I could be interested in is a lighthouse or a subway system.


Maybe a pixel art… thingy magigy?


Pixel art is too much, I need something simple.


12 And 13 Released.


14 released



Think I am going to end the series prematurely, I am not talking about now but when I have about everything I want to do covered. like get a diamond portal, get all workbenches and trade portals and then I will leave it up to you guys to do whatever you want.

If I do craft a jetpack I will need to make splices and mash them together into one video.


Build a bank.


Okay, a new video will be premiering tomorrow at 4:15 PM ET. That way there people can see it when they are out of school.

Hopefully there is still excitement for this series.


Will you be in the live chat during the premiere??


I may not be able to chat.


The video is now live!


I was 3 minutes late after it ended :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, thats fine :slight_smile:


Sorry for the lack of episodes, but I would like to inform you that I will not be making the last episode in the series.

I know this may come as a disappointment if anyone is into this thing but I am making this choice.

Maybe one day I will record letsplays again but now isn’t the time.

I hope you can understand.