Discord Servers



cough, it’s been a long, and I mean a L O N G time I’ve been gone here. I kinda moved on from the game then checked on it when I heard about the update. (Yes, I know I’m late) I was wondering if people would post their Discord servers here that can help people check out active servers. I have a few that I would post, and even making my own. It be nice for people to help build the server too, but it’s optional. So, just post some invites you got for your Blockhead server/world and yeah.


https://discord.gg/A2GhCwz incomplete server blyat


You can see mine at https://porky.wingysam.xyz


Here’s mine, where we discuss all of my Skylands servers as well as Rabbithole. https://discord.gg/SCzC9yx