Discourse changing the @'s and quote names


Is this creepy? @'s made by people just change when you decide to change you’re username. this also goes with quotes.

Is that strange or a new feature of Discord Dis cord Discourse?


It doesn’t happen with quotes, but it does with mentions.

Or I think…

Don’t trust me.


Happens with both. All of Sunny’s old quotes and whatnot are now the property of this AllmightyNewb stranger. ;-;


Ye, just noticed that in your Shorts Thread. Probably Illuminati…
Jk /_\




Discourse doesn’t automatically change the mentions, so you’re left with an empty @Sunnyperson.

This is Milla prefers not to change names.





We must do something! :astonished:


Mine didn’t change from when I changed from WolfLover999 to VolcanoFlame.


Vulkan is right. Maybe because the name change was recent?


Yes, it would appear to be a recent addition, such that anything from then(before the update in question) would not be changed, but anything from now (after the update in question) would be.