Discovering items


So I’ve noticed a glitch of some sort with the discovering the item before you can buy it
Me and my friend are Admins in a server and I wanted to see if he would recognize me if I logged onto the server with a different account. So I made a new account and when I logged on with that account I clicked on the trade portal and I saw that I could buy things that I couldn’t buy before with my other account which was weird because I haven’t even discovered most of those things and it was a completely new account. Then I logged off of the newly made account and went back to the same server with my original account and the trade portal went back to normal and the things I hadn’t discovered yet was locked
Why is this happening? Is this a bug or a glitch or something??


Was this a really old world? As in… existed before cloud servers?


No it’s a new server made after the 1.7 update


Could you please tell me which world and the name of the owner? You are welcome to email it to me at support at or PM me with it, if you prefer not to publish it.


Thanks for messaging me with the details. I’ve tested and not been able to reproduce this. It may be that the game data for your second in-game name is damaged, but I don’t think it’s a general problem :slight_smile: