Discussion: Do YOU like the traded portal?

The title pretty much says what this thread is about. So here’s my opinion, i dislike trade portals, why? simply because it makes you lazy, and it reminds me of 1.3 where you were able to buy things from the portal for time crystals. When you have played for a really long time, (1.0, 1.1, 1.2) you obviously have a lot more items than new players, and a lot more gold coins, especially if you play blockheads for more than 7 hours everyday, i find myself buying everything i need off of the trade portal, and not going caving as much unless i want to find a cave troll or make a base at lava, and i miss caving, but in my mind i go like “why go mining if i can just buy it” sadly. And don’t even get me started on the unfair advantage dupers have of getting items by duped coins. So back to the question, Do YOU like the addition of the trade portal? Yes/no and why?

Try a single WFS world.

There are servers our there that have the same concept. No portal chests, no trade portals.

Thats not the point of the thread… i know about wfs and about servers that dont allow trade portals/portal chests.

But what Joe said was a solution to your complaint…

Sorry if i sounded rude or sound rude, but i didn’t ask for a solution, and wasn’t complaining i was making a statement/argument …

“It makes [people] lazy.”
“Try a WFS world.”

It doesn’t have to make you lazy, it only makes you lazy if you chose to use it that way.

I dont like trade portals, i use them a lot, but I don’t like them simple cuz the newbies have it very easy on themselfs, they beg for coins to buy items at the tp and it just drives me nuts

it still wasnt what the thread was about
its about discussing the pros and cons of trade portals and whether you like them or not

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Oh look, someone that understands , praise the all mighty lord arceus.

I agree, I don’t like the trade portal, but I didn’t realize until last night, when I was playing, I was legit playing. I was mining, gathering my resources and made my stuff, Y’Know benches n’ stuff. It felt really good.

Woah, Dé Ja Voo moment…

I know right, the reason I made the thread was because I went mining in the morning, and found so much ores and red stone I was like “oh look at that I just saved so much gc” lol

I love portal chests! There like stock market but with fake money…

You mean, trade portal.


He means red marble.

Red marble* oops I think I played too much minecraft last night :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: MOOMOOMAN beat me by a millisecond :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sorry I missed the point of the thread, which seems to be to kavetch about some aspect not under my direct control:

  1. Trade Portals aren’t going anywhere

  2. I can’t control other peoples thoughts or actions, so intend not to involve myself in them, so…

  3. I made a positive suggestion.

Yep, missed the point completely. I guess. Sorry.

I know trade portal aren’t going anywhere it’s just a discussion…
The rest I’m not gonna argue with I don’t like arguments :stuck_out_tongue:

If you don’t like arguments, then why did you start the thread? :stuck_out_tongue: