Disney+ has only been around for eight months, yet it already has 57.5 million subscribers! That is unbelievable! :exploding_head:


Is it ahead of Netflix or Cable Television?

Not really surprising, since they’re global. I sign up a month at a time when I want to have a change. My streaming service subscriptions change from month to month. I bet they count me, despite me being unsubscribed 9 months out of ten :slight_smile:

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It would probably be cheaper to see this movie in a theater.


I’m really excited about this! :heart: For me and my family it‘s actually less expensive :smile: we’d have to pay 6 x 22$ to watch it in the cinema in Switzerland :flushed:

With COVID-19 still at large in the US, there are many people who don’t really want to go to a
movie theater.

$30 is still a bit ridiculous when you’re already paying $12.99 every month (and I’m not the only one who thinks that).

Wow, what a ripoff.

I was looking at a couple articles but I don’t know still if it one day will be not the extra charge to watch it on Disney+

It’ll be free on Disney+ eventually, this is just an early access sorta thing.

I’ll watch it in 2-3 years from now when I catch it randomly on HBO one day.

Probably be cheaper to buy it from iTunes. Most of those films go for much less there.

People still buy movies from iTunes? I cannot imagine that iTunes will be around for much longer.

You buy movies and such on the AppleTV app, not iTunes.

I’m a bit confused now.

You play them on Apple TV. You can still buy them from iTunes.

I just found out Mulan was largely shot over here, in Blockheadland.


Only thirteen months later? Woah!

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Mhm. Lots of money made. $$$


Oh boy! A price hike?