Distant Lands - Custom Mac server (coming soon)



Owner- Winter Nights & Wingysam

  1. Don’t be a bully.
  2. This is a public server so be kid friendly.
  3. Hacking, duping or anything similar isn’t allowed.
  4. Advertising other servers without permission isn’t ok.
    5.keep the server clean.
  5. No spamming or begging.
  6. Stealing or griefing will get you banned.
  7. Asking for admin or mod with out filling out a form will get you banned.
  8. Be nice to others.
  9. Don’t change the settings for the server without asking or you’ll be demoted.

Custom settings-
PvP- off
World size 4x
Oceans- small
Temp- warm
Plants- more
Ore- large veins


Current jobs-
(More to come)




If you want to mine you can.


If you’re wanting to help let me know and I fixed it so you can now fill the form out to be a staff member.




Yes I’ll add it to the list


are there any animal breeders that wants to come and help it would be helpful and I’ll give you supplies to start out.


Progress from the server. Spawn is small for right now but it can be fixed. Also there’s a spawn hotel in progress.


Just seeing the picture of spawn makes me want to create a new world, though I had promised 45k would be my true last world.


You can help with this world if you want


No thanks, I am fine.


My next project for this server is a railroad/subway system. For those wanting a server update.


The hotel next to spawn has been completed for a couple days now. There are 16 rooms and each room comes with a soft bed and a mirror.


I have made a discord server for this server. I will release the link if and when I make the world public.


We’ll be waiting for the Discord link :smiley:


I will no longer be asking for help with my server. There will be no early access for anyone because I got no response for when I needed help. This will be the last update for some time.


Since the server is getting closer to being ready I’m going to open up the discord, if you want the link just send me a pm.