Do all fruits/vegetables give the same amounts of hunger?

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Aside from like coffee cherries

Nope. Try eating a flax seed or a sunflower seed–barely does anything for the hunger bar.

Give the same amount of hunger? No because they feel the hunger bar not give you hunger (I’m just being silly)

If you meant to word it how I think then no

Yeah, only a certain subset of foods offer the same amount of hunger value.

That’s not a fruit/vegetable


The sunflower seed is the fruit of the sunflower… right? :thinking:

Oh yeah, good point; my brain registered the question as all harvestable foods in general for some reason. :thinking: I am not very sharp.

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You’re close, but no.The seeds of plants could esentially be thought of as the “sperm” of a plant- pollen is also “sperm”.
The “fruit” of plants is esentially the ripened “ovary” after fertilization.



I need you as my teacher