Do any suggestions go through?+ the Suggestion shoutout thread



I think we’ve been on fire with suggestions. Big Chungus (that one was pretty funny), Make placing track a full block tap , Custom rules lock (I agree with those a lot, and think that they’re well thought out), The Bloodmoon (very creative!)

You should all give yourselves a pat on the back for these awesome ideas…but have you wondered, “do any of these ideas actually get to Dave? Which ones? Is there a process to these suggestions become in game things? Are they similar to the process of lawmaking? Etc.”

-note-I’ll get more links about suggestions, etc-for now I’ll call it a day.
@Brer-Rabbit (Big Chungus)
@Lord-Hyness (rails and custom rules)
@Temmonade (blood moon)


Lol probably like one third of these probably get to Dave


Milla may screen them first, but as far as I know, Dave reads or hears about them at some point.

Among the 1.7 features that were added, I’m pretty sure the following initially came up as suggestions:
more mobs
gem blocks
blocks that could be painted as pixel art without using lights (luminous blocks was the answer)
handcar flips :wink:


One day…

Btw that blockhead is doing a flip


I think Dave reads the suggestion threads sometimes but I don’t know if he still does. He replied to one of my suggestions last year lol this

So I guess there kind of is hope


Gem blocks and pets were once suggestions here…I’m sure there are many more, but those are the first that come to mind.


Not often that i make a suggestion that gets love.

Thanks for the shoutout though.


I’m pretty sure this one of mine did. You know, the time icon that now appears in crafting?

Which is why I stated this in the 1.7 Change List:


Suggestion awards:
Most brilliant
Most game changing
Most stupid
Most useless
Most weird
Most helpful

I don’t feel like surfing the whole forums, so someone give these out.


When an update is in planning he looks at the suggestions forum, and I do the maths on suggestions and make lists for him, sorted by likes. I also put through exceptional suggestions outside these times.


Today’s shoutouts

I need this in my blockhead life, but also in real life too.





Milla reads all, knows all. She participates.

Then, if she finds something good, she tells it to Dave.

My guess.


I’ve already responded to this thread, so theories aren’t needed :slight_smile:


thank you for the shoutout :smiley: