Do Donkeys spawn on Sky Islands?

I want to try to make a donkey farm that I’m admin in, so i built this sky island myself half an hour ago. There aren’t any donkeys yet. Do donkeys spawn on sky islands, or do i need to cage one and bring it there? Can i use steam generators to make it warm?

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They do! I bred gray donkeys all the way to red donkeys on Jemni’s server, Looking Glass, all on one tiny island around the size depicted in your photo (I did add some wood furbishing to increase the space and add another basement floor after a while).
I started from a random donkey I found that spawned on its own from two carrot plants on a sky island.

I don’t believe steam generators are necessary for donkey breeding, but then again, I don’t think I’ve bred any donkeys where it’s cold before. But if your question is referring to using steam generators to keep your Blockhead warm, then yes, they provide heat.


How long have you been waiting for a donkey to spawn?

In fact, sometimes it rains Donkeys from Cloud Islands!

Today’s Forecast: Mostly Cloudy with a chance of Donkey Flurries - Pictures - The Blockheads


:joy: thats hilarious! I wish i had enough donkeys to make it rain donkeys, but I only have three sOO


Maybe I should make a donkey rain as a joke XD


They can easily! I’ve built a whole donkey farm on sky islands

Yup, 2 donkeys have spawned. Thanks guys!

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I believe they do spawn on sky islands, but I won’t say I’m 100% sure, mainly because well, I’m not, haha! If they don’t spawn on the groud below the area where your sky island is, you might be in a biome that donkeys don’t spawn in.

Nevermind this, lol, just saw the message from 10h ago :stuck_out_tongue:

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Its all good!

they will sometimes even spawn really high up where it’s cold, but not too cold. Carrots at least have to be able to grow. Sometimes it might take a while tho.