Do oceans have a finite amt of water?


I noticed in my single player world that the ocean nearest from my base was decreasing in height whenever I collected water. Here are some photos:

•Before collecting water

P.S. I collect my water in a cave connected to the ocean, nearest to the ocean floor. Does my collection method matter?


After collecting water:

*I can’t seem to add another photo on the original post so I placed it here instead


Yes, oceans have a finite amount of water. It doesn’t regenerate.


So theoretically I can completely drain the ocean given enough time, no matter the difference on my collection method.


Yes. Although hardly anyone actually ever needs that much water.


Well, you can use /repair, that helps.


You can eventually run out of water in a world. At least over a very long period of time. Water is a non-renewable resource in this game.


Nope, /repair isn’t a thing in single player.

This is incorrect. Water is renewable because it turns to ice, it’s easy to set up a machine which splits a bucket of water into 2-3 spaces, so each space gets ~25% of a block of water. When the water freezes, mine the ice and you just turned one block of water into 4.


Isn’t that an unintentional feature though?


Host to local network and you can use /repair.


That’s unimportant for water being renewable.

I believe it is an intentional feature since Dave was aware of it back in 1.4(3?) when he fixed a bug which made it possible to create an afk water duper. He also left this behavior in place when changing the water behavior in the latest update in expert mode.

Incorrect. Try it. You will be told that it isn’t supported in local network games.


If you want to renew water/ duplicate it, it is actually possible.

You need a 5X2 structure minimum, with a bed of blocks, two 2 tall stacks of blocks on the outer sides, and a 1 tall block stack in the middle. Place the water on the middle pillar, and it will break to each side, creating 2 buckets worth of water instead of 1. Just Incase you don’t want the ocean to drain.


Buy some cool ice you want water even if its cheaper than a bucket of water


Why not?


Why would you need it in single player? It’s meant to be used with destructive glitches/hacks. There shouldn’t be any of those in single player.

Dave doesn’t want it to be abused.


Oh true true.


Thanks guys, I think I will build a water generator now for my water needs.


I’m talking about a local network world.


A local network world is a single player world.


Technically it’s forcibly renewable resource. The others are naturally renewable.

Plus, you use the ice trick? Actually I haven’t heard or tried it that way, though I do use ice as a better way to store water in the chest.

Everywhere else you can just store a single bucket of water (or use an ice block) and use the water regeneration trick to get more water