Do oceans have a finite amt of water?


Only if you aren’t in an expert world. In an expert world trying this will just end up with you losing water.


Really? What do you mean. You can have bucket water? Or water regen is not possible?


He is saying the trick does not work in expert mode.


I make a small pond or pool or whatever. Gather 1 bucket and pour it back in and it creates more than a buckets worth. You can empty your reservoir, refill it, and still have buckets of water on hand.


Ah, the trick itself, doesn’t work. I wonder how they achieved that. Maybe there is a criteria that has to be met in order to pick up water.


In expert mode, only full blocks of water can be gathered with the bucket. If its less then a full block, let’s say it’s a half block of water, your bucket will not pick it up. Ideally you can still freeze that half block of water for it to turn into a full block of ice.