Do sign's word spacing need more space?

Should the sign need more word spacing? Like it give me limited space and I have to craft bunch more if I were making a long message. Maybe when it go below the sign, the sign will automatically stretch out until it reach the maximum amount? Also there is a annoying glitch where when I type this word to it changes into ti every single time!!!
Also you know how I like to have signs tabg tells directions. Maybe make a SIGN THAT ARE DESIGN FOR DIRECTION!

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Personally, I like very short signs. Sure, longer signs would be nice at times, but there are alternatives:

  1. Welcome messages - You can even organize this with collapsable sections to make it easier to get to what you want to read!
  2. Paintings. If done right, paintings can replace signs. You can fit more words on them and change the background so it matches / complements your building design. Changing them is a pain, sure, but for things that won’t change often they are great.

I don’t think that is too many signs, it’s just that they are terribly placed and if they were painted it would look nicer and more fitting.

I don’t think signs should be any bigger. Signs are meant to have short messages, like labels. Now, many there could be another item created like a paper or a book that allows us to write in greater length with more detail. That would be nice, but I personally don’t like the idea of long signs.


I think this is an interesting idea. I can see how longer signs could be extremely useful in specific situations: ex. Mini-game rules. In this case, putting the directions on the welcome message for the server wouldn’t be appropriate, and, while making a painting would also do the trick, there are many more steps in creating a good, clear, thematic painting… and sometimes you just want to write the rules and be done with it.


Ikr @Thuthu! They should have like banners or bigger signs like u said! Or Maybe something like this :point_down:t3:


I think it just needs to have enough characters to spell construction.


Yes, I think maybe the word it selfs need to be smaller don’t you think?

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The words are small already, making them smaller would make it harder to read.

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Yeaaah i agree with @Haque

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Maybe crafting longer signs would use more wood??? Idk someone should start a thread about that :slight_smile:


Hi @Scarlet ! If signs were to big, font would be to small. Or if they made the signs bigger, that would take up too much room. I’m sure others agree with me :stuck_out_tongue: !


Big signs would defeat their purpose. A sign is used to convey something in short. Personally, I wouldn’t want big signs. But instead they should add something like a banner to display longer messages. I usually use multiple signs to say something.


Ah, good point. Can we customize the sizes of the sign?