Do tamed mobs attack players who didn't tame them?


I am wanting to tame a cave troll and maybe some drop bears to guard my base but I am wondering if it will become passive towards all players. Also as a side question, do tamed cave trolls have hunger.


Yes, the hostile mobs you tame will attack other players. (As long as the custom setting is set for hostile mobs to attack)

Cave trolls will not lose hunger once tamed. However, you may feed them to fulfill their health.


What about scorpions?


Keep in mind though, when you leave the server, so do your tamed mobs.


One more thing to consider is that your pet scorpions will not attack you, but their babies sure will! They are very prolific breeders, soon you will have lots of untamed scorpions running around your base attacking you.


Yeah I wish we could spay/neuter our pets. It’s the humane thing to do.

It doesn’t take much before you have wild packs of feral dodos running around the streets of your world.


For whatever reason, this single sentence inflicted upon me a great bout of internal laughter and a hilarious imaginary image, both of which abruptly faded.



There was a glitch in beta that caused this to occur, thanks @asyc for the picture.


That might be a worthy suggestion for the Suggestions forum, methinks.