Do you prefer to play in landscape or portrait mode?

  • Landscape
  • Portrait
  • I cannot decide

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I prefer playing in portrait mode, because I always turn on portrait lock on my phone, and I don’t like too turn it off.


Phone users here…


Potrait doesn’t make sense for me, I want to see a lot of the screen.


I use portrait when exploring vertically, and landscape when exploring horizontally. I switch backwards and forwards when it’s a combination. None of the options fit me. I decide on the fly :slight_smile:


I play on an iPad. Enough said :lol:




Inconclusive. Sometimes I play on Landscape, sometimes I play on Portrait. Don’t know why, really.


Landscape 24/7, even in very vertical scenarios, including the constructing of tall builds. I use an IPad mini anyways.


I am on an i pad mini, but my screen is almost always locked on landscape. I think i havent played this game in vertical for 2 years…