Do you think Dave will ever have time or method to fix the North Pole glitch?

A thread for discussion about a topic I think about often. Not a customer support question. Not reporting a bug. Not an actual question. Just a topic for discussion and debate. Dave is super busy with a baby on the way and his new PC game on Steam. All of that has been considered. Here is my take.

Most of us have seen the boat floating deep below magma. It causes cataclysmic Groundhog Day type loops and app / server crashes. You cant even look at it without causing Armageddon. Forget about digging a circumnavigated subway tunnel down there. We have cordoned off that area with protection signs on servers I work on. Its a real pain. Never had a problem on the surface. Just at magma below the North Pole.

Lots of discussion threads on this situation but nothing since last year. What are your thoughts? I asked Dave on Twitter with no reply. He is understandably busy and probably doesn’t want to think about it. So do you think it will ever be fixed? Is there a way? Is there a desire? For me it takes away from the full game experience. I feel this is the biggest issue on the app.

I have no ideas on how it could be fixed. Your thoughts?

Blockheads is the best game app ever created. Majic Dave is a genius. Thank you for reading.

Maybe one day it will be fixed, but not for a very long while. Its just something that can just be avoided for the time being. That is if it doesnt get abused on servers. (Random players going to np with intent to crash the server)

Right? We have taken great measures to avoid people abusing this bug. Protecting the area just outside of the effected area seems to work. As I say just don’t look at the boat. Oddest thing ever for a boat to be sitting down there anyway. Its a seam overlapping error. Why the boat? I would really love to have that area usable.

I doubt it will be fixed, the area under the North Pole is (somehow… for some reason…) used for loading chunks. Is it possible to fix it? Sure… but Dave is busy with Sapiens.

If by some miracle he decides to make another bug fix update for BH it will certainly be one of the most requested fixes.

Baby is here now btw :slight_smile: Baby boy.


Yay for the new offspring. Lucky boy. It makes me sad to hear this may never be fixed. Having an energy efficient way to circumnavigate would be epic. What are other major issues to look out for?

Yes, not even Sapiens is going to get his full attention for a while :slight_smile:


Wait, really?

yeah, babies do this thing where they suck up all your time and pour that into a diaper you then have to change. On top of that, you have to have constant vigilance to make sure the other 3 don’t kill the 4th one. :wink:


Or the other way around!

It’d be great to make builds and other things at the North Pole one day, but unfortunately I wouldn’t hold my breath for a bit.

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I can hold my breath for a very long time. I like sinking to the bottom of a pool and sitting cross legged. In the meantime i will save up for a new computer so I can play Sapiens. Anyone played it yet?

Sapiens is still a work in progress. You can wishlist it on Steam, though.

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I have, but it’s pre-alpha still (think whack-a-mole, but with bugs instead of moles), so I only play it when I go around to see the Framptons, and Dave has to plan ahead to have a relatively low-bug build for me to play on.

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@milla Any idea if he will ever do a major bug and glitch update for Blockheads? Namely the North Pole Bermuda Triangle? Even in the distant future years away? Or is it dead in the water? Just curious.

Or the Magma Circle?

The north pole has always been a cursed area in the game, I swear 25% of all glitches in the game’s lifetime have happened there.

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I am fully aware. I was having fun with names. Let your hair down.

Was it something I said?

No clue. Dave has none either. That’s information that doesn’t exist at this point.

@WumboJumbo: Clearly.

The boat floating in magma will be a forever memory.