Do you use multiplayer worlds as sort of like a single player/farm world?

Is it just me, or does anyone use a multiplayer world rather then a single player world to call home and farm on. Because I would like to know if any other people are out there farming on a multiplayer world and basically using it as like a single player.

Post if you do the same, as I am not sure if I would be able to make a poll work. I know I can, but I don’t want to set a poll up at this very moment.


One of my “singleplayer” worlds is hosted on the cloud. Another is hosted on my workstation. The rest are on my various mobile devices, and are actually singleplayer. These give me options, depending on whether I’ve got network or not, or want to invite someone to join me. The fact is that I mainly used the worlds stored on my devices when I was at our family bach, but we don’t have that any more, so I’m rarely completely offline any more.


I run a bunch of Mac servers, although I never see anyone on. I only play on servers, as single player seems way too lonely.

But I do have one specific server that I use to store EVERYTHING in backup. And that one’s private.

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(Sorry for this being not in this topic) but I’ve never seen u on a public server (unless it’s a special occasion) do u just play on private servers ?

Yes I do

If I play on public servers you will not know it’s me. I have to play incognito if I just want to play the game. I frequently join worlds. Often a complaint about something going on on a world will result in me spending a decent period in chat, answering questions and meeting players. I can’t join a world as milla and just quietly play.


Makes sence

I used to have my own private server as my storage server as it was easy access from any device. Since single player worlds are limited to one device. On that server I had stored everything I mined and found over the years. However once 1.7 came out, I moved everything into a single player world before the credit ran out. Now I have to be careful that it doesn’t glitch out and turns into a custom world and locks all my items.


Please back up your phone to a computer if you can.

If you have a world in a backup, you have a few options to get it back after a bug moves your world to custom.

  1. Use iMazing to inject it into a backup. You don’t lose new data except for the blockheads world. Unfortunately, iMazing is not free.
  2. Put it in a Mac server. This also means you can connect from any device.
  3. Restore the backup. You lose new data but do get your world back.

I might make a new server for personal storage purposes.

I used my 2 servers (AncientFactions and AgedSurvivalX) as singleplayer worlds to prepare for a public release.

I do aswell, @Lord-Hyness

I have a Mac server I use as storage, and to play with people if they want to join.

I usually farm single player worlds for TC