Do you use portal chests in your offline world?

Finally got myself a portal chest in my survival world, i used it to get yak horns and yak shavings. It feels like a cheat, it was too easy to get stuff in.

Yes, I use it in my offline/private worlds. I have at least two bases in each offline world I set up. One is a super farming setup, usually at an equatorial pole so crops grow in differing seasons on each side of it. The other is usually in a desert so as to have optimum sunlight and low/no rain fall for solar powered factory.

Two BH(blockheads) work in each one, doing complimentary tasks.

One BH is then able to explore, go mining, build additional infrastructure.

The PC (portal chest), used as intended, serves as easy transfer between my BH in my SP(single player world) and to use my products in servers that I frequent. Thus I don’t see it as cheating since that’s what (The Game Developer) intended them for.

It’s uo to each player to play the game to the best of their abilities, within the limits of the eyes of course. So it’s yer PC, use it as ya wish. :cowboy_hat_face:


Yup! They’re really convenient!

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I do and since I don’t have a lot of coins it’s not really that op

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I use my portal chests in my single player worlds.

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Sorry to sound off-topic, but the Portal Chest functions exactly like ender chests from minecraft, right?


The portal chest can be transferred world to world, while the ender chest can only be transferred within a world.


Ohh, okay. Thank you

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I love the pc. They are the best way to connect worlds and servers. It’s the gateway to trading with others and transferring items between blockheads in a single player world.

With two pc blockhead1 can be on the other side of the world mining while blockhead2 can supply bh1 with tools and equipment, while bh3 is farming and can supply food.

All 5 of my bh tend to vary a pc each in all worlds, just make sure they are always connected to each other and the main base

This is all I use mine for, but I don’t play multiplayer much.

Same here. Until someone approached me about trading.

Now on any world, I have multiple blockheads and pc.

But I still prefer playing single player. Even more so because I’m putting time into expert mode.