Do you use the d pad?


Heya I was just wondering if any of you use the d-pad? I never even think to personally as I find it too fiddly but do you guys? If so what tasks for specifically?

  • Yes I use the D-Pad all the time
  • Sometimes I use the D-Pad
  • No I never use the D-Pad

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I find D-pads quite useful for travelling and getting into areas that I won’t be able to with just a tap eg. Dark caves :tongue:


I use the d-pad for when im gem tree hunting or when im riding a unicorn.


I use the d-pad when I’m moving animals usually. Especially cave trolls.


Yep, cave troll riding


Gettings fruits from trees


Riding animals.


Only when spelunking


I use it to negate fall damage


I’m lazy and like to not have to move my finger all over the screen :stuck_out_tongue:


Tap control best control.


When flying with a jetpack or riding a rail car over long distances. So I don’t have to keep tapping while uncovering fog.


I have a few times


I only use it for exploring worlds


I use it in train tracks to drive handcars.


I use it occasionally–mostly for dark mazes when I do.


I use it mainly for exploring when you just need to walk in the same direction across a continent. I learned the hard way that it’s dangerous to use when spelunking in a survival world.


Pretty much the tap-control is mostly exclusive to tbh. Dpad was already inplemented by a bunch of games, notably Terraria.