Do you want to build a snowman?


What if snow was a block?

Taking ice to a press, you can make your own snow. The texture will be like sand but white. The absolutely easiest block to break, like sand or dirt or even easier than them.

You can still make towers but does not make ideal bridges. If a block head steps or hangs on snow that has at least one block gap under it, it’s like they broke the block, but instead of picking it up, the block falls to the ground like it was dropped. It is possible to run across the bridge, but you need snow boots or anything that’s faster than a walking blockhead. Makes for an interesting challenge while travelling.

Like ice, can make its own back wall and melts near heat or in warmer climates. Tops of mountains or edges of iced oceans can be covered in snow and this can be used in a new cooking recipe like:
Icecream - snow+milk+food ingredient
Shaved ice - snow + food
Frappe - snow + buck of water + food + cup
Iced coffee - snow + roasted coffee bean + cup
Properties obvious can be used to cool down a hot block head. Eat more than two quickly and you can make the blockhead have ‘feeling cold’ or ‘is freezing’.

Shaved ice or frappe has the highest effectiveness while a blockhead is near magma. Keeping them cool for about 5-20 (depending on what you think is fair).


Finally, this could be another way to cool down after eating WAY too many chillies…(but there is always milk) The snow falling down is like sand from other games, but now I’ve noticed that there is no physics of placed blocks in The Blockheads, so this might be a unique idea…


I don’t think Milk have the ability to delete the sharpness to your Blockheads and isn’t a lot of ice torches not a way too to make your Blockheads cold after you ate a lot of chillies that you shouldn’t do the amount eating of chilies is 4 the maximum and 2 is you can walk to the winter storm like in Skeeve Exile if you eat 5+ I think the hot will now kill you.


This is a really good idea! Well done!


I dislike the idea to MAKE snow–snow fall from the sky…
Use a shovel on it to collect, and make snowballs and you can throw it at enemies. Will do the damage as a arrow from a copper bow. (copper bow should really be buffed, same with golden bow)
If you are talking over gravity-affected blocks, I don’t really think this game was good–sand and gravel should also fall, in your sense that the snow will fall. But I hope that MajiDave and other developers are skilled enough to have these because they are awesome.
No, after 10 second the effect from the last chilli will wear off, so you will live.
Eating…6? will kill you.


Yes because of too much heat and hot in your body that you cannot resist anymore and what do you think if you were not in snow land and you were in just a normal or grassland can your Blockheads resist too many chilies that you eat without coldness too in your body or around you with no making you freeze & cold temperature.


Well the snow falling was just idea. It’s doesnt have to happen. And I like the idea of new food items that can help with heat.

And if they like snow balls then it can be done if they like. Maybe if you pick up snow by hand they could become snowballs but pick it up with a shovel it could be snow blocks? I like the idea of something else that can go flying in the air.



I make your thumbnails clickbait

Yes you should be able to pick up the snow on the ground (with a shovel) and you get snowballs in your inventory.
I am thinking that a snowball will be given if the snow layer was more than 5 unit thick.