Do you watch the ads for gems?

I figured out last week if I turned off my ad blocker I would be able to watch ads for 20 gems! After a week of non stop playing I would be able to watch an ad about every 5 minutes and racked myself up ~2.5k gems (2k now because of pickaxes and upgrades). Just wanted to ask if any of you guys do this or is it just me and there’s a better way? And if you do watch ads how much do you have right now or have gotten in all.image Also I’ve watched about $8.33 worth of gem ads if I were to of bought the $10 pack. (3000/$10 -> 2500/300= $8.3333333)

Wow that’s quite a bit of tc!

No, there are only a few ways of getting gems: watching ads, finding tc blocks, or buying them. I have almost 2.8k gems from watching ads. :slight_smile:

Yeah glad I didn’t buy gems and found out this way but I still didn’t support Dave by buying the 2x speed booster for $3 and it was worth! 100%

I watched a lot of ads on my old device throughout the years, probably worth around 40k (though I never had that much at any time, usually staying at 25k because I spent them). I knew someone who watched enough ads to have over 50k TC from it, but they were probably a lot more frugal than me.
My new device has around 6000 from ads so far, but I keep spending and spending.

Oh wow! That’s insane.

Aside from pickaxes and rush cost, what are gems really used for?

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I can remember another usage of tc is teleport from current place to portal. If distance is further, you have to spend more tcs to teleport.

In addition to the things stated above, time crystals can be used to create and upgrade portals (so that you can craft each level of gem pickaxe), golden beds, and portal chests (so you can transport items between certain worlds and your blockheads within some worlds). It also costs time crystals to create and upgrade trade portals.


I really splurge on portal chests for my blockheads that live in the same world because I don’t like traveling. I really wish custom worlds allowed portal chests, so that I can use it as my mailing service between blockheads. :sob: