Dodo Breeding Process

So guys, I had a bunch of high level dodo types, but most of them died. How long does it usually take until you get a rainbow dodo? Should I start over? Is my dodo/apple farm too small? If you would like a picture of my farm just let me know. If you want to help me out on the server let me know.

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Are they tamed

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Some where. I don’t know if my farm was too small or something.

Are you breeding your dodos correctly?


I’m not sure. I started out with the original dodo egg, but I might just need a bigger farm.

Did the tamed ones die?

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Yes. (for example, I had a tamed amethyst dodo and tamed sapphire dodo, the sapphire died)

Then you need to make sure they’re fed tamed dodos don’t die unless killed or starved

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Ok. The problem was, the feeder chest ran out of apples and I hadn’t noticed.