Dodo Celestials

What if every once in a while, max level dodos lay a big egg that takes forever to hatch? But when it hatches, it spawns in a “dodo celestial”. You must feed them a lot of apples or cherries, but eventually, they’ll lay another big egg, then they’ll disappear. If you use the egg extractor on the egg, it can give you end game items, including a piece of titanium or carbon fiber armor, titanium sword or pickaxe, a jet pack, or a lot of rainbow cupcakes.


Maybe a whole in-game year?


Really cute idea. Kinda reminds me of “Celestia” from MLP. :joy:

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Use the bigggggg egg to make a rainbow cake

Mmmmm delicious

Maybe there could be a way to make it hatch faster, like if it’s in a certain biome or near the North Pole or something.