Dodo/Economy server idea


I have an idea for a server. It’s where you breed dodos for resources - no mining no trees. There could also be an economy e.g shops and trading. Most likely going to be a mac server hosted by @Wingysam.
Do you think this is a good idea?

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Would you like to help?

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Thanks in advance and give feedback please. :smiley:


It sounds very interesting but I‘m worried that so many (caged) dodos would cause an incredible lag! :stuck_out_tongue: But it would be worth a try bc it‘s something new & exciting :star_struck:


it would be vanilla server so u can collect the eggs and dodos in your pc


Uhm… I think I might try to put you on a seperate drive from everyone else to prevent lagging everything :stuck_out_tongue: (Although, I did ask for a lag-reducing SSD for christmas)


Ok thanks. #containthelag
@BUILDITME1 Its custom sorry.


I sent a message to the helpers. Reply if I haven’t added you to it.


I would like to help, except I’m not on mac


i would like to help :slight_smile:


It sounds really nice, but it lags a lot when you have a lot of dodos. I suggest that players can only have one dodo out, rest in a cage(s)


The server is Mac. Not the clients connecting to it.

Searching for Related Server...

Located Server...

FOUND RELATED SERVER: 1.7 Mac Server: Evolution of Time


I searched for Evolution of Time on world search but it doesn’t show up. Can anybody see it/join?


You can’t search for Mac servers, you have to use the link or IP and port on the thread that GGB linked to above.

Unfortunately it seems to be down currently.


Server progress is slow and I had a break but we should have a server before the Sapiens alpha. :lol: