Dodo eggs! Available now!


Who needs certain eggs? You can receive what you need with in the week. I check in everyday.


Not now… but we talked about this on SGE. LOL


i need rainbow egg!


I might need one in a few days.


Alright. I got some of those. I can sell you two, to help you get started with a rainbow dodo farm.


Not you obviously. You would just pm me on your progress. Lol

For the Dodos type I gave you, in my farm I have doubled the number of tamed Dodos of the same type hehe.

Couldn’t go online today because the wifi is down. :confused:


Anyone one else that needs eggs?


Yes. I have plenty of those. When do you want to trade? And is it a nice server?


It is ElTaPa. I’m an admin there. :wink:


What? Admin where? Seas of flowers?


I would like to know the prices of the following,


20 Diamond
30 Rainbow
30 Platinum
30 Titanium
20 Fuel


30 dirt for a plat one? COOL!

I’ll buy some later, depends if I can be bothered breeding more


Grr, you know what I mean.

Platinum coins lols


That’s 3am here lol
But yeah, I think I can be ready then. Where can we meet up. Mine or your server?


I’m available now. Or later, much much later


Hi can I get a 2 rainbow dodos egg


Due to technical difficulties, the offline world itself got deleted. It was where my dodo farm was being kept. :sob:


oh that sad :frowning:


Yeah, I had so many eggs too! Almost had 99 of each type of eggs and over 50 of even the most rarest eggs.
I’m not even an expensive seller. I might have sold to you in exchange for random items, not just money.