Dodo feathers in expert mode

I just started a new game on a new tablet, and it put me in expert mode. I can not find a single feather anywhere, where can they be found?

Do you have any dodos or apples? They come from dodos when they die so kill some regular dodos if you don’t have any get some apples if you dont have any I guess explore some more

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I have apple trees and Dodos show up. When I unalive them, they just drop meat.

woah, thats the first time i saw a word unalive being used like that (apologies if you find this joke offense)

but you might just be unlucky, since drop rates are a thing of chance, after all. maybe try to kill them a few more times?


I don’t think you’re allowed to make fun of people like that.

Well, I was only saying thats the first time i say a word being used like that, as far as i know, im not particularly offending anyone by just saying i never saw a word being used like that.

this is getting a little off topic however

Deadpool fan


You gotta kill all dem dodos!!!

until you make them extinct for the second time in a row

meditation is disabled, so no way to get apple/egg to spawn more. I have an expert world that’s stuck without flax (I played too cowardly, avoiding snow by digging tunnels to hide, using my bare hands, and even a few hits from dropbears slow me for time it takes to recover). I guess pine trees choking out other types of plants is smth to look out for. didn’t get far on my first attempt at all… guess that’s what I get for trying expert without even having obtained a single steel ingot in normal (I found golden chest under sand, but can’t change refined product back into nugget(to upgrade furnace) afaik which is sorta ironic)