Dodo feathers?

I know if i let a dodo die they drop one but is there any other way to get them? I tried killing some but they don’t drop anything when I kill them

Sometimes you can meditate them, or if a trade portal is available then you can buy them there. Otherwise the best way to get dodo feathers is to plant a bunch of apple trees and kill the dodos that spawn, but make sure you kill them as fully grown dodos because baby dodos don’t drop anything.


That’s odd. They should drop dodo meat and feathers when you kill them.

According to the wiki:

“When killed, a dodo will drop one piece of meat and up to one feather. (Prior to version 1.7, they’d tend to drop more feathers.)”

Up to one feather suggests 0 is a possibility

I know this seems like an obvious question but were they adults or babies

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They looked fully grown but I dont know how many growing growing stages they have

Baby (the size of an orange) and adult (basically larger than an orange, probably larger than a coconut)

Then they had to drop something just double checking what type were they (sorry I just know sometimes I have facepalm moments just trying to help)

What do u mean what type? Sometimes they dropped dirt

There are different types of dodos only regular dodos drop feathers this is probably the problem

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