Dodo Overpopulation

Breaking News
Dodo population rises to 100%
(In my world)


They’ll take over your world! Be careful! :laughing:


I’ve got a farm and dodo often get over populated XD make sure you have cages to put some of them lol

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It was the future year of 3040 in the country of Panem, a country once known as northern america.
Dodos have risen from the dead and taken over our planet earth.
Countless times, humanity had attempted to overthrow the dodo empire - only to be defeated yet again. They had rule over us, we had no freedom.
That was then.
They still hold us prisoner but the dark days are over.
The Dodo capitol reminded us of that time and the fact that they still have power over us. This is how they do it.
Every 25 years, the dodo capitol gets 12 tributes - a boy and a girl human from all 12 districts. They are all gathered in an arena to fight to their death. There is only one rule:
kill or be killed.

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I just defeated the Dodo empire, in revenge of humans…