So I was busy creating a world to get more time crystals for my fourth person when I saw this:

Its actually pretty cool looking. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a graphical error,
Try restarting the game.


Its okay now. It was normal again when I entered the portal. I just ended up deleting the world anyway. :slight_smile:


Zombie dodo!


XD I saw that thing many times too! It happens with sharks, dropbears, and dodos if you are still in the starting screen of the game.


Dude! tell them to keep it! This can be our creeper!lol Zombie Dodo’s can be our i know it’s gone but i have hope


I’d go for a pet zombie dodo


How do you tame a zombie dodo?


No clue but it would be cool




Gaaaaaaaaahhhhhh what in the name of elmo is that creature?!?!?!?!?