Dododrama official series


So, one lonely hour of my life I thought “hmmm… what if I made a series on the forums about a group of blockheads in a small town or something” So I made this.

(Creating the world)

My blockheads and their stories!

Middle Red Clothes: Doctor Czar, leader of the Cavetroll project and very rich man.

Right White clothes: Doctor Moon, a small budget doctor recruited to project cavetroll.

Right leather jacket: Sodapop, local gangster
(If you get the book/movie reference, you had a very good sense of reading)

Left blue shirt: Cathy, a news reporter.

Left tin foil hat: Shilah, a “crazy” woman against project cave troll and believes in the legend of the dodo.

Story: a crowded city… with a few people, these people are all and well until project cave troll… strange things started happening, dodo sightings, donkeys started disappearing what will the people do? Will the dodos return for something? Will the cave trolls be experimented on and… will the people survive? Watch to see on a forum thread near you.(episodes are going to be on here)


Seems interesting so far your characters seems fine amd the story also looks interesting if this eventually turns into a series I’ll be sure to follow it


I’m making the scenes!


The official poster!


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Since it’s about TheBlockheads, though, shouldn’t it be in #general-discussion, or #pictures ?




First episode is almost ready!

The first episode will be explaining all the characters behavioral traits and actions.


Episode one.

Dr Moon: So, what are we looking for again?
Dr Czar: You idiot! Do you not remember the entire project?
Dr Moon: Oh… yeah. Cave trolls. Are we even sure they exist?
Dr. Czar: that’s why we’re looking for them you idiot! For the love of Milla get to work!

News reporter: Today! We are breaking ground on a project that if a success! Will change our world forever, the head of the project- oh what’s his name?
Background: Dr. Czar or something
News reporter: Oh yes! Dr. Czar, doctor czar is working with our own local doctor, Doctor moon! So far they’ve been excavating the ground and maybe will find some cave trolls!

Shilah: You got the stuff?
Sodapop: Yeah I got the stuff…
Shilah: How much for one safe?
Sodapop: are you wired?
Shilah: No… I just want my Tc…
Sodapop: I ain’t dealing to you.
Shilah: come on man, one safe.
Sodapop: Sorry, don’t know what you’re talking about.

Dr. Czar: I hear something… stay still and don’t move
Dr. Moon: What is it? Is it a drop bear?
Dr. Czar: Oh my Majicdave…

(To be continued)


THE first episode is nice good job


Thx so much.


Nice job so far! I’m hooked! Argghh!


The next episode will come out somewhere in the next 3 days or so


I think you should make a shovel as a microphone for the new reporter. ( In my opinion.)


1 episode and this is already one of the best I’ve read :heart_eyes:


Great so far! Also in the first picture why is it so dark when it says it’s 8:00 AM?


Amazing story! I will definitely keep looking for new episodes!


Moved to pictures.


Idk, maybe it was night or something?


Definitely doing this! Thanks for the input, everyone who has a suggestion and even would like to be apart of the team, make sure to dm me! I’ll make a server for acting roles and etc etc there’s only one requirement; you must have discord