Dododrama official series


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8:00 am in winter is dark sometimes in virginia. Maybe it takes place during winter?

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I love the story coupled with pictures aspect of it. It makes it much more fun to read with images to break up the sameness of a page of text. :slight_smile:


It’s an honor to hear that from you derp.



Episode 2

Czar: Do not move…
Moon: Oh my gosh is that one of th-
Czar: shhhhh, do not make a sound.
Moon: oh my Milla… that’s a dodo egg…

Sodapop: ugh… scammed again. Might have to pay that old woman a visit. Speaking of which… where is she?

Czar: Alright moon… we’re going to have to move this to hampertin.
Moon: I thought it was abandoned?!
Czar: that’s what the public thinks.
Moon: Didn’t the old research center shutdown due to inhumane stuff?
Czar: that’s what the public thinks… the truth is the dodo’s ran it down, we thought they burrowed into the ground and it turns out they did. We need to move this somewhere. Oh yes Hampertin.
Moon: So we’re just going to move an egg, of the most dangerous animal in all of history?
Czar: yup
Moon: I hate this job…

Moon: Alright, it’s in an observation chamber, shouldn’t be able to escape

Shilah: I knew it…
Shilah: all along they were alive… I knew it

Moon: Hey you! What are you doing?!
Shilah: just enjoying the… breeze?
Moon: you’re not going anywhere…

To be continued…


Oooooooooo nice nice (>w<) !! Keep these good story thingy mabob up!!! XD


I liked this episode better thanthe first. :stuck_out_tongue: -theorizes this means it’s getting better every episode-

It makes me feel a tad uncomfortable when people use Milla or Dave’s name as an exclamation, though…


Alright, I can see where that works. I’ll fix it I actually have some complaints/suggestions saying the same thing, thanks for the input.



Episode 3.

Shilah: Where am I?..
Shilah: My clothes!
Shilah: the last thing I remember is being stabbed in th- pats neck and finds tranquilizer dart oh my gosh… What did they do? I remember the dodos… they found one of them.

Sodapop: Where does that woman live again? Oh… here, better knock on the door then knocks

Sodapop: Uh? Hi?
Czar: Hello… what are you doing here?
Sodapop: I’m looking for one Shilah… ugh don’t remember her last name.
Czar: Um, she’s on vacation.
Sodapop: are you sure? Just let me in.
Czar: No…
Sodapop: Why?
Czar: The house is being painted and we don’t want you to touch anything
Sodapop (mind): I know that isn’t right… she’s too poor to afford painters.
Sodapop: So, where did she go to vacation?
Czar: Uhhhh… just go away.
Sodapop (mind): I’ll be back…

Ru the dodo: Soon… soon… my plan will go in full effect and my soldiers will take over this puny land.

To be continued…


I wish I could upload this often. The pains of not having iPhones on weekdays :laughing:.


Frater… I have an idea. Dm me.


Great story!! I often get confused with who is who, so it sometimes doesn’t make sense, but great story nonetheless!