Dododrama official series


If there is anything I can do to help you understand better let me know.

Also, I’ve made a season plan. 10 episodes = 1 season, and each time a season ends I will get a 1 week break as I plan to make a new episode every
1-3 days.


Thanks for the video! :smiley:


Yes, make sure to sub to porky or the dodos will get you.

Also, I’m proud to announce that me and @SomeRandomUser have been brewing up a plan of our own entitled, Blocklandia Entertainment. Meaning as we both being the owners, we will now become a team effort in making the little shorts we do.


For me.

Also, nice iMovie. Everything was cool, until–

May I politely and unsuspiciously, courteously and patiently ask–


It wasn’t copyrighted. And from the forums.


Never said it was. I must have posted that photo somewhere then…but where?


I would be honored to be a part of blocklandia entertainment.


Body is unclear…


Dm me anyone who would like to be apart.



What does that stand for again?


Direct message.


Soooo… I can just PM you?


Yes you can.


For the dunces of the world



Everyone I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to take a break from writing for a little bit, I’m having some personal family issues but I do promise that I will return shortly.


Wait… On @bilingual video it says Dodorama. Is it Dododrama or Dodorama?


Oops, typo… thanks! I will change it soon.


No problem.


Jeez guys… I have a very VERY bad announcement… so, I went on blockheads and had to delete it due to an issue with an other app, deleted that other so then redownloaded Blockheads and I was stupid enough to delete it with the dodorama set world. I’m really sorry guys

See you then.

I will return… for a new series…


Couldn’t you remake it? I doubt we’d know the difference. :wink: