Dodokiin’s guide to Dodo breeding


This thread might help:





Thank you so much for the diagram ^^


Good luck after the stone egg! :joy:


I haven’t even discovered limestone yet ;-;


This picture (I think it came from @GoodGradesBoy) is really good for understanding the levels of dodos.


That graph was a joint effort by several testers… Erick created the original, I made it nicer & turned it into that format, and then Erick extended it to add black sand / glass :wink:

A Community Guide to Mob Breeding

Maybe copper next?


Here’s a visual of all the eggs ~

And all eggs unlocked from the egg extractor


What I noticed when I was breeding dodos.

  • One dodo will only lay eggs of its own or lower level. So you need multiple dodos to advance to a next level. But when you only want limestone for instance, keep them seperated.
  • Dodos need some space to lay eggs. One dodo between two fences does not lay an egg.


Can I ask what you can get in Rainbow Dodo? Rainbow cake? Rainbow essence? Or else?
Just really curious about this really rare Dodo


Essence, I think.


Alas, my solitary limestone dodo just laid a marble egg. Hypothesis rejected.


@GoodGradesBoy, @Suhlesstwong Can I use these images for the 1.7 trailer please? :slight_smile:


Just be sure to credit the beta testers (located in this updated picture)



Yeah for sure!!


If you guys were curious in my dodo setup, here it is

Having apple trees with each of the grouping of dodos really help. I don’t need to worry about feeding them ever! If there’s a baby I want to tame, I’ll harvest all the apples before they fall and manually feed. I also noticed, after the apples drop and feed the dodos, they tend to lay more eggs when they’re fully fed.

Close up of my prized rainbow dodos


I have also notice that if you plant enough trees you can get a surplus of apples, so if you can afford it, tame as many Dodos of very desirable resources. Mine are gold, iron, coa, platinum, titanium, gems, rainbow and fuel. Even the ones that don’t lay eggs often will increase egg count when there is more tamed Dodos.
I also have a shelving and cage system for Dodos I don’t want to kill but will want to use later. Like for the copper, tin, sand, back sand, etc. assign at least one block head on being in charge of animals.
I also ride the donkey or unicorn to help pick up apples faster.


donkey and unicorn also same as dodos it just need time to get full set


There’s a really good system that I used, which is building 3 5 block spaces (doesn’t matter if it isn’t 5x5, but it must be 5 blocks long), and then start breeding a normal dodo to get the other 3 basic eggs.
Then, you breed some more, (for example, stone dodos), and wait for them to produce all their eggs (in this case, 4 results), and then cage them, and use the other spaces to tame them.
Whenever they’re tamed, put a feeder chest where they are and wait for them to produce the egg you want.
Usually 2 dodos are enough to breed, but if it takes too long, use extra eggs to hatch some other dodos from the same species.
It works really good, I got all dodo eggs (except for platinum and rainbow) in 4 hours (maybe slightly more), and well, since I stopped playing for a while I can’t really finish it.