Dodokiin’s guide to Dodo breeding

Dodo breeding

I’m going to presume you’ve read this excellent guide. If not,read it before you proceed!

Below are the steps to dodo breeding.

1.Get a sustainable apple farm.
Dodo taming needs 3 apples,and much more for maintenance. It’s wise to have a farm dedicated for apples only.

2.Tame a pair of dodos.
Taming lets your dodos live as long as they are fed,which means more potential eggs. Taming more than 2 basic dodos is unnecessary.

3.Egg control is important.
When you see a egg of a dodo type you don’t need,remove them at once. Not only will they clutter your farm,but they will use up food.

As wood dodos don’t have anything to progress to,I usually remove wood and basic dodos.

4.Get dirt and stone dodos.
Dirt dodos lets you proceed on the compost path.
Stone dodos let your proceed on the gem,ore and black sand path.

5.Set up isolated underground farms.
Underground farms are free from natural spawning dodos,which means more room for your selected strain to breed.
Also,create separate rooms for each type of dodos to prevent clustering and competition.

6.Tame or cage a pair of each step.
You might want to skip taming to preserve time and resources. However,note that there is a chance for dodos to lay downgraded eggs,and untamed dodos die quickly.
It’s wise to have some of them tamed or caged to fall back on.


This is an Eggcellent guide!! And so quick off the mark. I love it. Thanks for sharing. :grin:


One could say its…eggstraordinary.


Eggcellent and eggstraordinary!


These puns are making me eggy. But you may have cracked a yolk with the other forumers

Maybe you should add @GoodGradesBoy’s chart on dodo breeding combinations if he says it is okay. It would help


I got it from someone else…

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I have a giant apple farm with usually 300+ apples per season, clearly this isn’t enough for my dodo army, I’m setting them free so they don’t starve xD

Is there a rainbow dodo? And is there a map showing how they tier up?

Press the link I put before starting. That should show all the flowcharts of dodo progression.

Can u give me a unicorn for plat? @Dodokiin

I don’t even have unicorns yet. Ask someone else for a sensible price.


No. I’m creating them for me and my friends only. I won’t sell them for shiny things that clink.


Is there a recommended depth for starting a dodo farm? Or is it to just spawn them any depth underground?

Edit; Also noticed a cap for dodos in an area while setting up an overground dodo farm, not sure if this also applies underground?

Here are the eggs I have so far, after many game days, my sapphire dodo birds finally laid an emerald egg.
How I got to emerald, just keep breeding over and over from regular dodo, it is true that having a tamed pair of each dodo for its designated material helps. Having them fed at full health increases their egg laying rate to one a game day. The more valuable the materials become, the longer it takes for the random better egg to appear.
The order my eggs came goes as follows, not saying this is for everyone!

Regular, dirt, wood, stone, gravel, sand (black sand more rare), flint or clay, brick came from clay dodos, limestone or sandstone, white marble or red marble, oil, tin, copper, iron. Randomly in the tin, copper, iron set my amethyst dodo egg appeared, then sapphire finally emerald.

Just wanted to say thank you to all who contributed to this game from the beginning. I started playing this game when it first came out and have been a silent supporter. Now as an adult I’m happy to contribute back to this game :slight_smile:
I’m sorry if there’s a dodo chart that already exists ! I couldn’t see any so I thought I’d share…


Dodos will only spawn on the surface. But if you bring the eggs underground they will continue breeding there.

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Okay, thanks

Could anyone give me a COMPLETE guide on dodo breeding and dodo “levels”?

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I have wood, stone, dirt nd limestone dodo currently
From what I can see, wood -> stone -> dirt? -> limestone
Does anyone have a complete tier list for dodo?

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