Dodos are planning an invasion!


So, it was a normal day for me, then I saw that dodo eggs were 37 CC!

That is very cheap!

That could mean that their population is rising!

So 1 dodo = 1 egg.

There is usually 2 Dodos per apple tree

They each lay eggs.

That means that 1 tree = 4 Dodos.

In a world there are like 1,000 apple trees?

1000 x 4 = 4,000 Dodos.

But wait, there are like 40,000 cloud worlds right now.

40,000 x 4,000 = 160,000,000 dodos.

Each player usually has at least 2 single player worlds.

There are around 50 million downloads???

That means that 50m x 2 = 100,000,000

Then 100,000,000 + 160,000,000 = 260,000,000


With such a population, then the dodos must be preparing to invade us!!

EDIT: I fixed a math mistake. Thanks @Murce for pointing it out!







Look how much stone there is it must be preparing invasion. Fast get your titanium picaxes before its too late.


Oh lord… into the bunker I go.


What the heck


I remember a time when people always made posts like this about dodos being evil and whatnot. They get such a bad reputation!



No my spy’s are laying eggs…
That’s the sudden increase :smiling_imp:


I like how you make the dodos invasion larger by multiplying the dodos in cloud servers by the dodos on single player worlds instead of adding. :lol:


We should go on servers and put as many eggs as possible! DODO ARMY FTW!


Only if it’s unprotected, even placing dodo eggs, which eventually “vanish”, still can’t be placed in protective areas. Still, I agree, we should make a huge Dodo army.


Attack of the Apple-Born Dodos

Rated TV-MA
In theaters Oct. 13


I’d pay to watch.


You can. :wink:




Same. XD


If only someone could continue the series…


It’s confirmed.

Dodos are planning an invasion.


The 3-D video system has to be pretty good. I’m a little jealous

JK. What I want is better actors than my little siblings :confounded:


Blockheads does not have 50M downoalds :joy: