Dodos with Mohawks


Because why not. :stuck_out_tongue:

We need dodos with Mohawks!

Just to clarify: You can get them by putting the dodo in the mirror. How you do this is by caging it and then selecting the “dodo” option. Which it requires that you have a caged dodo and then you can customize its hair


This suggestion is random. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe if you tame them, you can give them wigs in any style you want that a blockhead would typically have. Kind of a weird thought though, that’s just my idea on how this can be done.


Thats not good as u know that we have unicorns which are hard to get and tame because they are the one rare creature that can sly if dods are wings unicorns are no more rare


You must feed dodos dodo feathers…

How would you actually get them? Would they spawn randomly?


I smack dodos with dodo feathers




Maybe animal editing will be interesting. Like wigs and clothes.