Does anyone have a list of travel speeds (horizontally)?


Including a unicorn, jet pack, rail, shark, coffee, ect…


I’m adding that to my testing list.


How is it measured? Blocks per second?

I know handcars are the fastest. After that who cares? (actually it would be interesting to find out, but I don’t know)


You have a one-track mind :laughing:


Teleporting is faster


Not really… If you take the costs into account… every 10 minutes you can get 20 tc. That 20 tc can let you teleport 820 blocks… I’m pretty sure handcarts let you travel more than 82 blocks/minute.


Blocks per second would make the most sense I think


Ok. Hacking is faster!


Handcars arent fastest. Handcars and COFFEE is.


For a more serious answer, I don’t really know. I will attempt to put a list here of comparisons, but this is all speculation. For all purposes, I will not include anything that involves exploites or teleporting. Also, I will put advantages and disadvantages for each one. Also (sorry about this, I’m not into breeding) I will not include any animals.

  1. Handcar. This thing goes crazy fast. I use it for my main mode of transportation and always carry it around. It is faster than anything, and no fall damage to my knowledge as long as you land on a track. Disadvantages: not the safest. You can speed off the edge of a cliff or into a wall, causing massive damage. You also need tracks, which can take a long time to build. Also, not the best for of water travel (it took me 7 hours to make a tunnel underwater and rail it). You can only have one passenger on it as well. Also, if they gyro in your device is out you can’t use it.
  2. Boat. This is a great mode of water transportation. It will protect you from sharks, and from overexposure. Disadvantages: doesn’t work on land, and can get fairly dull while riding one. Also, only one passenger. As started above in the handcart, if your gyro is out you cannot move this.
  3. Train. Slow and steady wins the race. (Not really). This thing is great, as it has the option to pull a cargo crate (aka chest on wheels) and passenger cars. The sensing is great, so it will stop before you run off a cliff or off the tracks. Also, you can run this without tilting your device, so you can run this is your gyro is out. It is only one passenger, but at the same time you can pull passenger cars which hold 2 more people. Disadvantages: you have to contently fuel this bad boy. It needs wood, charcoal, or coal. (Pro tip: use charcoal). Also, it needs rail which can take a long time, and like the railcart, is not good at underwater travel. Also, this thing is not that fast. It saves you energy, as I believe you lose no energy while riding, but is moves at a average speed.
    (Just going to list other speeds)
  4. South Pole boots of speed (walking)
  5. Coffee
  6. Coffee bean
  7. Normal walking
  8. Walking through snow
  9. Climbing (if you count it)
    Thanks for reading all of this, and I hope that it answered your questions. If I missed anything, please @ me.


You can use the d-pad if you enable it in settings.


Thank you, I was unaware you could do this.


Nah teleporting really can be the fastest. 200tc and you can travel to the other side of the world in a flash. Other than that, the hand car is the fastest though I didn’t know if coffee can really speed you up.

And rainbow unicorns is a good way to go places without spending anything or needing rest.


What about a bh with a jetpack on?


I will make a thread for this once I tested all speeds.

But here’s what I gathered so far.

  • .117 second per block walking (by foot)
  • .152 second per block locomotive
  • .148 second per block jetpack
  • .064 second per block handcar

Done at full energy and full hunger