Does anyone know if you can play the game on pc?

It’s been a while since I played the game. Like Lesley last year. Stopped to hard play Merge Dragons and a few others. And working with issues like how Anime Lab moved to Funimation and how Funimation, this year is now moving to Crunchyroll. Just dealing with a lot of digital stuff.

So I learned last year about playing certain games on PC and wonder if Blockheads can also play on pc, like with BlueStacks or something.

I’ll be sure to experiment and try it later but my game is tied to my Apple account.

you can get bluestacks and play it by using your google account but it will not be your apple account because bluestacks is android version
edit dont get it on the mac because ios games on mac do not work, they are basically unplayable

If you’re on Windows 11, you can sideload the game using this method.

Here’s the APK file you’ll need to use:

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