Does anyone remember the server “Cave Trolls”


Did anyone ever used to play on the server “Cave Trolls” that Smokeyrabbit owned? I used to play on it around late 2015 early 2016 with a few other people and I want to get back in touch. My username was Petra_blockhead


I was playing last year on servers with Smokeyrabbit, she’s got a forums account but it was last used in 2018. @Smokeyrabbit


Great my dear Rabbit friends…:rabbit2:

Wait @milla is a rabbit fan too
we got many


And @RabbitFish.


And me!


I’m back!! Yes I remember it! Great times! If you want to catch up I currently have a new server out- “PINK MIST” by FEAR…


Is it possible for us to private message? I just want to ask some stuff.


Yeah, sure!