Does Anyone Want a Blockheads Hunger Games?

I am thinking about making a mac server for the bh Hunger Games. for people that have not read the books it would be a bit like a big pvp to the death tournament in an arena with different objects hidden. Before i do this I need to know if you would be interested.

  • yes hunger games
  • maybe hunger games
  • no hunger games

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Sure! That would be cool!

Interesting, I just finished re-reading that trilogy.

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A long time ago I created a Hunger Games IGN - “Katnis Everdeen”
Intentionally spelled that way because someone took the correct spelling with 2 “s” in Katniss.

Perhaps, if I have time, My Katnis IGN shall join!


I remember Katnis :blush:

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wasnt it katnis everdin

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It was Katnis Everdin, unless I have fabricated memories…

I want to join a Blockheads Hunger Games server, but not as a contestant. :skull: I want to be a mentor or a stylist or the tribute escort guy or just someone chilling in the capitol


Yes, you guys have better memories than me. (I blame it on being a semi-centennial) :joy:

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You should not be blaming Things on age. :wink:

Age does make a big difference to most people. My dad might be the exception.

I read the HG books about a decade ago, and haven’t paid much attention since. It’s kind of cool that they’re still popular.


Katnis Everdin was on the admin list for the example config of WM Framework :blush:

:joy: - Haha, and I saw my comment after that proclaiming the joys of Katnis Everdin being an Admin of “Demo World” :joy: