Does Apple ID connect to Blockheads?


I think there is a back-up/save if you log into Blockheads with a certain app/thing, but I’m not sure if this applies to if you have an Apple ID.
(If someone was to get a new phone, would their data be saved on the if they were signed in on their old phone their Apple ID and then played Blockheads?)


The best way to protect your Blockheads data is to make an encrypted backup to your computer’s hard drive, using iTunes, and restore that to your new device. That saves time crystals, portal chest inventory, and singleplayer worlds/BHs/inventories.

Your support ID is tied to your Apple ID, and, to that are tied your cloud world names, cloud worlds/BHs/inventories. If you change your Apple ID I have to do a support ID merger. Make a note of your old support ID and PM me that, along with the new one, and I can combine them. Note if you then launch the game on the old phone under the old support ID you will probably break the account, and I’ll have to merge again.


You mean iCloud @shadowolf?


Sorry it took so long! I meant as in just signing in with the Apple ID itself and then playing Blockheads.




Cloud worlds are attached to your Apple ID.



Does this mean mac servers won’t be saved if you played on one?


I believe this is correct. You have to ask the owner to /reset-owner you.

I don’t actually know though.