Does this community have a "spam" issue?

Hello everybody,

I’ve been wondering if I should create this topic for a while now. I’m worried that things are finally beginning to get out of hand.

The Blockheads and its community are quickly waning. Things are beginning to fall apart (such as the “defunct” Android version of the game). In general, I think we’ve reached rock bottom.

I have invested more than five years of my energy into the game and its community, but there’s clearly nothing for people to talk about anymore. Milla’s visits are much less frequent now. With no moderation around, this place has practically become a free-for-all. I really hate to see it, but I’m beginning to wonder if we should just accept that this community in its intended form is long gone. We have reached the point where people are creating topics for the sake of creating topics. When can a game and its community truly be declared “dead” in its current form? Alas, I hope this topic doesn’t attract any controversy. That wasn’t my intention when creating this topic. My intentions are not to vent or rant. My intentions are to be completely honest and full of integrity. :slight_smile:

It is with a heavy heart that my best wishes go out to the future of this community (if there actually ends up being one), but going forward, I really think we should reassess the current state of this place and consider our future avenues. :frowning:

Thank you for your time.



So you mean that Milla visits in this forums is no frequent now and ur saying that the forums is gonna be a free for all now?


No, that’s what I think is currently happening right now.


Free for all noises intensify


I agree, it’s nice to see the community being active but without new content to the game it’s not the best version of active community

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It feels more like desperation rather than proper activity.


Are you suggesting that Dave shut down the site, despite all the FAQs and general resources that it proves?

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What makes you think that? Why would anybody want this site to be intentionally shut down? I am trying to look at this from a realistic perspective and have an honest “sit-down” talk. I felt as though it was a topic worth discussing and conversing about.

I feel like you guys should clam down in #off-topic

This topic is inherently #meta though. It is not an #off-topic matter.

Well I was talking about you talking about if there was a spam issue

Yeah, and that is #meta related.


This place is kinda falling apart… balance will be restored when Milla returns


All I want to say is that people should value the creation of topics more. I’m kind of tired of seeing new topics created without any special content (they are being used gratuitously if you will). Many new topics recently could have been posts in threads like “Last Post Wins!”, instead. I know that there’s a special category for such topics, but it does resemble spam when the topics are being created quickly and without much thought put into them.


Wait do my cursed blockheads count as spam?

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Hopefully soon… :pray:

Alas, there is no going back… :frowning:

You all but had your own category in the forum for over a year. I really wouldn’t complain about other people “creating topics for the sake of creating topics.”


Yeah, and I eventually stopped.

Huh I guess this is what would happen if this server wasn’t moderated, mildly falling apart.

What do you mean by that?